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What is Energy Healing? Is it Real?

As an alternative healer practicing over 6 different energy modalities (Reiki, Ka Shen Sekhem, Energy Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Shamanic Healing), I have had quite a few clients tell me they don’t believe in energy. Whether their religion says receiving energy is unacceptable or an atheist will tell me they don’t believe in spirituality. I would like to define what energy is. First I will share a scientific way to see energy and then what it can possibly mean to others.

Please understand, my practice as a Bodywork Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner - is completely centered around my clients’ journeys and their healing. My belief system accepts all beliefs no matter how outrageous they are. What is real for you, is real for me. Whatever doesn’t fit into your belief system, won’t take a part in your sessions. I am here to hold a safe space for your tensions to release and wounds to heal. That is all.

Scientific explanation of Energy:

No matter who you are…. you must believe energy exists. If you don’t, I have to ask, how you live without electricity or a cell phone? Energy is just an electromagnetic current that can be conducted or directed. There is energy in the air, felt when your hair is charged with static electricity. Lightning bolts are pure energy being redirected to the earth from our atmosphere. The warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin is energy. Rainbows are a visible form of energy, directing light (energy) through a prism. These are all different forms of energy. You may not always see it, but you feel it. Our bodies are inherently charged with energy produced when our molecules vibrate at high frequencies. Our bodies extract energy in so many different ways - from food, to light, to vitamins, to physical activities. We would never exist without energy.

How is energy applied in a healing?

With Reiki or Ka Shen Sekhem, I become a conduit for energy in the air or from the universe to transfer into you. When focused on different areas, it can recharge or unblock areas. Energy Therapy doesn’t transfer anything into you, I redirect blocked, overstimulated or static energy within the body to areas lacking in energy. Polarity is much like Energy Therapy, but focuses more on the overall balance of energy within the body to stabilize homeostasis - affects eating habits and physical activity as well. Crystal Therapy uses the subtle vibrations within the crystals or gemstones to gently influence healing mechanisms in the body. Every Crystal or gemstone has a vibration - just as all matter does.​

Spiritual Explanation of Energy:

If you believe in God, then energy is His unconditional love.

If you believe in the Universe, then it is the essence of Cosmic Love and Life Force Energy (chi).

If you aren’t spiritual – Refer to Scientific explanation. Or you could just try it and if you don’t find relaxation or feel as if you wasted your time and money, let me know and I’ll refund you. But even if you go to the doctor and are given a prescription medication, treatments take more than one pill usually. Miracles CAN happen, but don’t expect a miracle from one session.

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