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About Me

Not everyone is lucky enough to know what they want to be at the age of three. I've always known I had "magic hands".  But as I grew older, I began to struggle with bullying. I was odd and misplaced among my peers.  I played with invisible faeries, I had dreams that came true, I talked to the animals and they listened... I probably would have avoided me too.

I even started having strong emotional highs and lows that made no sense to anyone, including myself. At 10 I was diagnosed with anxiety, PTSD and manic depression. I struggled through Jr. High and High School to manage my moods and social life while keeping good grades. By the time I graduated, my family was convinced I could not attend college. That's when I found a flier for a massage school.

I attended Hands on Healing Institute in Tujunga.  My teachers, Andrea Schally and Cynthia Ameson helped me understand that Massage isn't just about your hands, its about the energy. Behind every knot there is energy; a story.  We hide our pain in our bodies. "The issue is in the tissue" they say.  I recognized that I had a lot of issues myself and began to use my hands and energy to release those problems.

I needed to learn more about energy. I began to study Reiki, Crystal therapy, polarity therapy, energy therapy and sound therapy.  With over 200 hours of different energy modalities, I developed a deep understanding of how different frequencies of energy both in and around the body influence us.  I learned how to get to the root of a physical pain to treat the emotional pain. I learned the different sensations of energies and what they meant in the body. I learned how to move energy to build defenses or connection. 

I then met my next mentors, Paul Hinsberger and Neelam Nanwani who taught me a new way of life, called Shamanism.  They helped give me the vocabulary to understand the oddities and situations that I had no words for from my life. Until I met Paul and Neelam, I accepted my insanity, shrugged off my prophetic dreams, animal communications and "imaginary friends". Now these two celebrated me in this discovery of who I was, a shamanic healer.

I expanded my own learning to each continent, Discovering that Shamanism is the oldest known religion and has its roots in every culture on our planet.  I explored the practices of Celtic Pagans in Europe to Siberian Shaman in Russia, across the sea to Africa, Australia and South America - Peru, Mexico, Native America. Speaking and studying with as many teachers as would have me.


Even when I worked with incredible mentors and healing teachers from all corners of the world... I found that the most profound teachers were from life, nature and the spirits themselves. That animals had powerful lessons to teach us if we were willing to listen. That we can be led on exciting adventures if we follow the signs or whispers on the wind. When given a tool set of skills to connect with your own soul and the helping spirits and ancestors, we can achieve what seems to be the impossible.

Looking at where I began and where I am now, I know that these skills work because I used them to make the impossible happen for me. If you would have told me 25 years ago, I would be speaking to spirits and doing healings for people, I would have laughed in your face and called you insane.  I didn't believe in spirituality, I didn't believe in the afterlife. I would have never believed I would become emotionally stable or feel safe enough to be a public speaker about trauma. Never thought I would be capable of running multiple businesses, taking care of my own family or having a normal life.


After all the work I've done, I have exceeded my expectations and found the roadmap to self actuality and genuine fulfillments of my dreams. I am beside myself to have found paradise with my supportive partner, two little girls and fur babies in our house by the lake.  Now pursing my dream career with the support and love of all the people I have the pleasure of meeting, inspiring and working with.


I am blessed and I hope to share these gifts with everyone so they can see their dreams come true too.

-Rainbow Raaja


A full spectrum healing and sensory experience tapping into the deepest parts of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers to release pent up trauma and limiting belief structures while applying practical skills and tools to empower you through adversity. 


The human experience is a spectrum– a complicated whirl of joy, love, excitement, confusion, fear, loss, and pain.  Each situation we find ourselves in, entangles itself with emotions, memories and impressions of the experience.  When neglected or forgotten, our life can lose its vibrancy.  That is why I do what I do.  I want to support you to realign, energize and find empowerment amid the dreary rain storms of life.


Through the use of intuitive arts whether it be painting, music, singing, dancing, massage, energy work, life coaching, etc, we can explore sensitive wounds through sound, sight, smell, reflection or skin sensory.  You can change your perceptions and end limiting beliefs and habits through self reflection in Life Coaching. You can release emotional trauma or stagnant energy in your chakras using Sound and Vibration.  You can release physical and emotional tension in your muscles with Massage. You can find creative inspiration or activate your spiritual mission working with your ancestors and guides through medicine songs, dancing and art in Shamanic Healing.

My journey through this life has been challenging.  I have endured my own human experience spectrum of loss, despair and suffering.  If I can ease your discomfort through facilitating space for healing and sharing tools and practices to give you the support you need to thrive, I am fulfilling my mission.

Tune into my weekly podcast for a taste of who I am and what a session could feel like.  Each month we learn new practices, explore perspectives, receive sound healings, guided meditations, pick a card tarot readings, and have in-depth discussions with field professionals in order to give you the tools to overcome life challenges. 


You can find Rainbows Rising Podcast on all podcast streaming platforms.  


Click here for awards, media mentions and articles that Feature Rainbow Raaja.

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