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Energy can be Shocking!

Energy. We use it every day. It runs our tv, our computer, our lights and now our cars. We carry it in our pockets as our ‘life line’ (cell phone). There are other forms of energy too. We eat food and drink water to gain energy. We sleep to recharge our batteries so to speak. Our body can become charged by our surroundings, like when you touch a doorknob and get shocked or when you rub a balloon over your hair and it makes your hair stand straight up. When someone flat lines, we use metal paddles charged with high voltage energy to jump start their hearts once more. These are the examples I use when someone asks me what energy healing and Reiki are. What so many people don’t realize is our bodies are perfect conductors for energy. I like to think, without energy we wouldn’t be alive.

You may be asking how energy could help heal you or even help you find peace and calm. In a world surrounded by electronics, we are constantly absorbing energy. When we get over charged we get anxious, angry, hyper…. when we get drained by putting our own energy into others or things we feel sad, confused, lethargic…. with energy healing we can disperse pent up energy or redirect energy you have given away. By returning your energy and releasing foreign energy your body can find its natural rhythm again- homeostasis. Energy has the ability to find old emotional wounds and accelerate healing.

There have been studies done with Reiki on veterans suffering PTSD. It was so successful in fact, that organizations like healing4heroes, woundedwarriors and numerous others of that nature have hired Reiki practitioners to treat them at clinics. (Search 'Reiki for veterans' on Google if you doubt me.) The vets have only positive feedback from the experience and many who continue treatment, find long term peace from the flashbacks they once had. Reiki has also begun being offered at Cancer clinics in hospitals improving patients’ quality of living and helping them heal themselves. I have read of so many cancer patients who have gone into remission after a series of Reiki sessions.

Reiki isn’t the only energy healing out there either, just the most widely accepted one. There’s Ka Shen Sekhem, Energy Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing and so many more. Eastern medicine has been using energy work for centuries which is how it migrated to the west. If it didn’t work, would it have lasted this long and spread across nations?

Even when energy healing works wonders for so many people, there are some practitioners out there with treatments that do not benefit you and can actually cause harm. Not all energy healing is equal. For instance, if a practitioner takes your energy or gives you their own energy, it will cause harm. If a session leaves you feeling dizzy, drained, lightheaded, tired or emotionally charged (with explainable emotions or thoughts that don't feel like your own) even after drinking a glass or two of water, they took your energy or gave you theirs. Reiki and other similar modalities don’t transfer personal energy, we either redirect energy you already have or use universal life force energy (which comes from our surroundings or the universe (which cannot be manipulated by humans). If at anytime during a session you feel uncomfortable, always tell your therapist and explain the sensation. You can always stop a session if it doesn’t feel right. But remember there are genuine healers among the misguided. Usually those 'fake’ healers don’t even know their work is harming others. Sometimes their teachers taught them incorrectly or they started doing energy work because they felt they were doing it naturally. It can be dangerous for you, the client though, so take heed.

Energy work can be a miraculous experience if shared with a professional. If you have never tried Reiki or Polarity therapy, I encourage you to give it a shot.

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