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Bodywork Modalities & Choosing the Right Therapist

What are the different Modalities?

"Modality: A therapeutic method or agent.

A technique or specialty."

There are over 350 Bodywork Modalities. With so many options, how can you possibly choose what to try first? Choosing a Bodywork Modality begins with looking at your ailments, goals and reason for seeking out help. Here is a short list of commonly known modalities and what they do.

Swedish: This type of massage targets muscles, glands, circulation, and nerves to relax and produce various health benefits.

Deep Tissue: The therapist targets the deeper levels of the muscles and the connective tissue to promote healing.

Aromatherapy: The therapist chooses essential oils based upon the needs of the client to relieve stress or treat other conditions.

Acupressure: Applying pressure to specific points in the body to remove any blockages in the body's life energy that could be causing diseases and other problems.

Shiatsu: A traditional form of massage in Japan that employs rhythmic pressure at specific meridian points in the body for a few seconds to unlock the body's energy.

Craniosacral Therapy: One of the more gentle, yet powerful therapies that uses gentle manipulations and adjustments at the base of the cranium, sacrum and tailbone releasing tension from the membranes and nerve tissue, allowing the body to self correct.

Reiki: A Japanese healing system where the practitioner attunes the person's bio-energy field to accept a very high vibrational force that induces deep relaxation and resonates on a frequency that promotes optimum wellness within the body.

Myofascial Release: A gentle form of stretching that evaluates and treats the fascial connective tissue system, which can become restricted due to overuse, inactivity, trauma or muscular tension.

You can google or look up most modalities offered by therapists. As long as you are working with a professional (more on that later), they will offer a recommended treatment plan for your specific needs.

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Find a therapist who listens to your limitations. Someone who can explain the methodology behind their technique and why it will work for you.

What is energy?

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Energy Healing helps diffuse over active or static energy within the body. Its how we keep our own hardware from frying.

​If you have been searching around for a modality or therapist, you have probably heard the word "energy" thrown around quite a bit. But what is it?

Energy is everywhere. Static, Kinetic and electricity are some of the commonly known forms of energy. Energy frequency can be measured with Hz and our brains and bodies function due to the energy produced from protons, electrons and neurons. However, our bodies also pick up on vibrations transmitted from other living beings and our environment. Energetic vibrations can be sensed as a tingle (goosebumps), a sound (a high pitched ring in your ear), a smell (a familiar nostalgic scent), a "gut" feeling (avoiding an accident on a whim), a thought (when you think of someone and they call), or in a dream (déjà vu). We carry an entire lifetime and beyond within and around us. Every time we suffer but can't cry. Times we love and don't let go. People we meet and never say good bye to.

Sometimes we soak up feelings from others (ie. when we are yelled at but the problem was never resolved) or we pass our energies onto someone else (ie. they buy something from our yard sale and we imprinted anger on that item) – these are examples of Empathic transmission. Ever been drained from going to a party or spending time with one particular friend? Other people can suck energy from us too if we aren't aware. Everyone pulsates energy when they love or hate, hurt or care for; even for an object. So the only time you are not influenced by others' energy or feelings is when you and your energy is grounded, centered and balanced.

How do we know if our energies are balanced?

When our internal energies are balanced and we are in tune with our own morals, needs and desires, we find ourselves feeling a sense of ease and contentment with our present situation – no longer feeling a need to re-live our past or anticipate the future. With balance, we find synchronicities in the world around us that reflect our inner world and from that, our dreams begin to manifest. Fear can be a useful tool to escape danger, however through evolution and the emergence of society – "fake fears" were born. A fake fear is one that poses no immediate threat to one's health or way of life, but a physiological reaction happens within the body as if faced with life-threatening danger. An example of this is: The fear of being late for work. The fear exists and causes us to react as if there were a danger (driving faster or recklessly to get there on time), but if we were late to work, our life wouldn't end – our job would most likely be safe as well. Example 2: You watch a movie about a serial killer and your body reacts as if you were the victim living those events.

These "fake" fears create blocks in our energetic body. The fear we feel but don't release, is then stored in our physical body and becomes physical tension or pain. Imagine each emotion you feel as a thorn. Each emotion you have felt during your whole life is a small thorn stuck in your skin somewhere. Each time you cried, screamed, sang, danced or expressed those emotions, a thorn fell out. However, for every emotion you suppressed from fearing judgement or weakness, it embedded itself deeper into your skin. How many thorns do you still have?

The word "emotion" when broken down is 'e-motion': energy movement, removal, release. If none of your emotions, including fear are ever expressed, where do they go? They don't leave you – they can't leave you. Like a stream backed up with leaves and debris, your emotions get piled up and constrict the flow of energy, blood, oxygen, etc. What goes in, must come out... eventually. Holistic Healing such as Energy Therapy, Reiki, Ka Shen Sekhem, Polarity Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Crystal/Gemstone Therapy, Healing Touch therapy, Light Work, etc allows our body to release those emotions and the experiences they are attached to in a gentle and cathartic way. You can work through trauma and break unhealthy behavioral, emotional or mental patterns. By allowing your energy to flow, you and your body become balanced. When you are balanced, life begins to flow smoothly too.

What makes Rainbow Raaja special?

Rainbow Raaja is an integrative therapy customizing your session plan to your needs and goals by combining multiple techniques in each session. If you have a sore lower back and stiff shoulder – deep tissue and Swedish massage helps with pain management and range of motion. If you suffer from migraine headaches and anxiety – Reiki alleviates cranial tension and raises your vibration allowing your body to calm and heal itself. If you feel stuck, lost and lethargic about your life – Crystal and Gemstone Therapy focus and redirect stagnant energy; recharging your body. Maybe you miss someone who passed away or need some empowerment for an upcoming job interview – Shamanic Healing allows you to reconnect to the one you lost, help them move on and allow you to find closure or infuses you with power to overcome obstacles and complete goals. If you have physical pain, emotional pain and bad habits, massage and energy work would treat those ailments. Most clients prefer 60 minutes of massage and 30 minutes of Reiki. I always discuss what I believe will work best for you and your needs.

How do you choose a Massage or

Holistic Therapist?

Anytime you seek help from a therapist or practitioner please find someone who knows how to take care of your specific needs. This someone should be passionate and love what they do. Do some research to make sure they have training and are certified to treat people. There are credentials required or recommended even in metaphysical and new-age medicine. For example, a Reiki Master must have Certificates with their lineage and each level of completion as well as a License to Touch (CAMTC Massage Certification or Ordained Minister Credentials). Ask about their Training, what school they attended and teachers they worked with. This leaves very little room for fabrication of knowledge and experience.

I know many people are suffering financially at this time, but keep in mind – you get what you pay for. If you entrust someone to "mess" with your body, you better be confident that they aren't going to "mess" it up causing pain, bruising or energy burns and instead give you a GOOD "mess"-age.

It is important to spend the money to see a licensed professional, because, like with our cars, our bodies need maintenance too. You wouldn't drive your car every single day and never give it an oil change or car wash... Your car wouldn't last a year! Our bodies need that monthly maintenance too. Unfortunately, if we don't take care of our body, we can't buy a new one. Sure, for the first 30 years of your life you can procrastinate your own self care. But as you mature, joints will begin to ache and stiffen and your muscles, full of tension, will pull your bones out of alignment – lymphatic fluid will build up in your arms, mid-section and behind and slowly your health will decline.

I schedule a bodywork twice a month. Every time I see a bodywork therapist, energy worker or even a metaphysical practitioner, I make sure they really care about me. That they understand my needs, what I expect and that they respect my limitations. I do my very best to provide those qualities for my clients and if I don't, I encourage them to let me know what I can do better. Communication and safety is key.

Whether you choose to work with me or someone else, I hope you find the perfect care and that they provide a safe and loving space for you to heal and grow.

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