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self reflection

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Coming SOON

The self reflection journal is a 4 month journey to building a routine, reflecting on negative belief patterns and shifting them for manifestation of the goals you set for yourself.  Use this with your personal life coach or book a session with Rainbow to get the most out of this book.

This stand alone journal is perfect for those who want to track their progress and establish a healthy self care routine.  However, it is also a wonderful companion for the Podcast "Rainbows Rising" and the Ascending Master's Academy courses such as From Victim to Valiant.  

Virtual Session

Work one on one with Rainbow Raaja in a life coach or healing session.  Get a jump start on your self reflection journey.

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Rainbows Rising

This award winning podcast focuses on teaching you self care and metaphysical practices and skills to improve your emotional, mental and spiritual health.  Listen to the show, do the practices and journal your progress in your self reflection journal.


With self paced online courses to improve your daily life, you can cruise through the lessons and journal about the skills you learn along the way.  There are parenting classes, empath/ trauma healing classes and Reiki classes.

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