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5 Ways to Accelerate your Spiritual Ascension

What is Ascension?

It's the “in” word in spiritual communities… But what is it? What is spiritual awakening? Ascension is when you're improving yourself and you're focusing on improving how you interact with other people. You are “leveling up” in your spiritual awareness– you are able to put consciousness practices into everyday life. And those practices are helping you become more focused; they are helping you manifest what you need in your life. Through ascension, we are able to get our most desired dreams– whether it is a successful career, the love of our life or to discover truths that we have searched for the deepest core of our being.

So what are some ways we can start walking the path of Ascension?

I will only be exploring 5 modalities that can help you with jump starting your ascension process. These modalities helped me in my own ascension journey, and I want to share them with you. You can experience them first hand in a session or by checking out the Podcast episode this blog was inspired by.


The first is an Oracle deck.

This was one of the very very, very first things I used for spiritual pursuit, spiritual reflection. It is always easy and fun. And it didn't seem threatening to me.

You have to realize when I started my spiritual journey –crawling out of the Dark Night, as they call it– I was an atheist. I renounced God. I renounced magic. I renounced everything that gave the impression there was anything beyond what I could see and was told this world was. At this time in my life, I was in such a deep depression– plagued with suicide attempts so regularly, that a dear friend gifted me a tarot deck and posed the question, “how could it hurt?” It couldn’t. I was at the bottom of the barrel, spending a lot of time in mental hospitals, feeling extremely trapped in my own self imposed hell loop. Tarot cards were the first self help tool that actually seemed to help, because they gave me answers I could decipher and gave me the choice to listen or ignore. When I played the fool and ignored the guidance and warnings from the cards, there was no one I could blame, but myself. Tarot and Oracle cards taught me accountability and trusting in myself.

There are two types of cards, Tarot (traditionally 76 cards with arcana and suits) like a fancy deck of normal playing cards– showing a spectrum of human archetypes and situations we all find ourselves in. Then there’s Oracle cards, which are an artist’s own take on problem solving and self reflection– you can get a deck with any theme, of any conceivable function. Either type will help you, and neither is forged in the fires of hell, I can promise you that. I will give a short reading below to give a living example of how you can use an Oracle Deck for self reflection.

I will be using the Rainbow Warrior activation deck by Justine Serebrin and Tracee Dunblazier. And this deck is beautiful, it's bright, it's colorful and the descriptions are just spot on. When I first used this deck, I didn't even need to use the book. I like to look at the description from time to time when I feel uncertain about the meanings, but It's a very powerful deck and many times I can really discern the message on my own. I strongly believe that these cards hold activations as well and they speak to the soul. The two women that worked on this deck, Tracee and Justine have done a remarkable job translating energy onto paper.

Take a moment and consider a question or situation you would like clarity on. Choose ONLY ONE. Be concise and deliberate with your situation and visualize the area of confusion or concern. Set your own question or intention .

Here are the cards that I drew:

  • Metal for the recent past

Book Description: Metal, sharpness, clarity, mindfulness focused determination, getting the job done. Metal is multifaceted. It has many expressions in the physical world. Gold, for example, can be found in almost everything from the center of the Earth to the bottom of the ocean and from a Eucalyptus leaf to the blood running in your veins. So when someone tells you you're made of gold, you really are. Metal on an energetic level refers to your spiritual, emotional, and intellectual integrity. And also represents your ability to be mindful, focused and clear. receiving this card today encourages you to work with all aspects of metal energy. And do always look for the silver lining.

  • Early Summer for the present

Book Description: Early summer, activity work tradition stress, limits, discipline, growth, fear. After spring comes a powerful portion of a yearly cycle. all your hard work comes to fruition. A unique set of principles govern this phase. Since it is the time before the end of a growing period. much attention and caution should be paid. So you don't overextend yourself to the point of overload. Don't become complacent or overconfident that the job is done, when there might be vital components to finish. How can setting limits or augmenting discipline bring you over the finish line. also understand that fear is a component deeply connected in this moment as well. something profound is getting ready to be revealed. Your bountiful creativity and your numerous accomplishments.

  • Galactic Portal for the future.

Book Description: Galactic Portal, Cosmos transcendence, Extra Terrestrial, deep understanding, clairsentience, knowing, belief, art. Some people believe that there are things beyond our human comprehension. What do you believe? We may not have words describe what we know, but it doesn't mean we don't know it. Tapping into our deep understanding to trust what our heart tells us to be true, even without physical proof. Begin the work of trust by channeling through and giving expression to the impressions you experience through any modality you choose. This card is asking you to trust your inner universal knowing not your fear, anger, ignorance or confusion. Take a deep breath. And ask yourself what is true in this situation.

Now I will give my own example of a reading. My question was “what can I expect to see on my own Ascension Journey in the coming weeks.”

In recent past, I have been really dedicated to working on my podcast weekly. I have been clear on my intent. I have been planning ahead and staying on task, despite my struggle keeping a routine with ADHD. I have now worked two years on this project. I also have been inspired by my clients, listeners and colleagues who tell me to share my journey and my story. I started writing a memoir– now 80 pages in. I’m writing a fantasy novel– now over 150 pages in. And all of this despite getting a recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. When I hear that my recent past was metal - i think of my mental fortitude to keep pushing through negativity and fear. I consider my determination and my ability to overcome challenges beyond my own control. I know without a doubt where I am going and I am determined to get there.

My present, as you heard above, I have a lot on my plate and I have high expectations of myself. I have been pushing myself to be more involved in my children’s school work and extracurricular activities. I’ve been pushing to do more for my clients and for my listeners (including writing this blog). I am now being met with forces of resistance because I need to rest. I broke my toe 3 days ago because I was trying to play with my bunny enough though I was tired and needed to just lay down for a little bit. I am being asked to recognize how much work I put into my achievements and take rest to enjoy those achievements before pushing myself harder. It is about recognizing what fears are causing the biggest blocks (judgement from readers, listeners, clients, etc). And accepting those fears and working to be vulnerable with those fears. (I am here being candid in this blog).

My future, I need to listen to my own truth. I need to believe in my dreams and what I am capable of doing. I need to believe that there are people out there who will enjoy my personality and my wisdom. I am about to walk through a portal into a new stage in my life. A stage of true expression of who I am as my authentic self without filters. I am capable of overcoming fear or confusion as long as I trust in my inner knowing and follow the guidance I feel in my own heart. Were you able to take those three cards and apply the means to your own life and situations? If so, you just did a tarot reading for yourself, Congratulations! Go out there and find a deck that calls to you.


The second is Affirmations.

Those assist in changing your thought patterns. They help you relax and release anything that you may be carrying– that is no longer for your highest and best self. Take a moment and ask yourself “What does ascension mean for me?” Is ascension climbing to a certain point or position in your career? Is it feeling successful? Is it being financially stable? Is it finding inner peace? Is ascension knowing who you truly are? Is it pursuing your life mission? Is it living as your best self? What is it for you? If you're not familiar with Ascension? What would you like it to mean for you? What are your goals? What are you aiming for? You can't ascend. If you don't know what star you're going to shoot for. Wouldn’t that be a difficult task? You'd have to fly around to different solar systems and figure out where you're going to end up– you might never find what you are looking for.

Some concepts on ascension to take into consideration…. When you are ascending, you are changing your vibrational frequency. Our bodies are made of water. mostly water, not 100% water, but about 60% water, right? Water has an incredible ability to hold vibration, I really want you to think about that. As you talk, can you feel the vibration reverberating in your body? Have you ever tried? When we listen to music that is angry or sad, have you ever found yourself reflecting those emotions later in the day? When somebody yells at you or speaks poorly to you? Do you find yourself really being affected and almost hearing the echo of what they said even an hour or two after they they said it to you? It's because our bodies are holding that vibration– it was strong enough that we let it in. And we can change what vibrations we choose our bodies to hold. At first that can be a very, very difficult task. I'm here to help you make that easier. Affirmations are the way I learned to raise my vibrations and change my negative self talk and belief patterns that caused self sabotage. I was able to reprogram my mind in a way that benefitted me and my own growth.

Please read these phrases out loud to yourself. If you can speak them from your diaphragm, and feel the vibrations in your body, that is the most beneficial.

You are beautiful (handsome). You are strong. You are brave. You are courageous. You can do anything you set your mind to because you are the master of your reality. You are manifesting your dreams every moment of every day. Your personality is beautiful. You are worthy of love and understanding. You can do anything you set your mind to. You can ascend. You can change, it can be easy. You can find peace. Let all the stress go, let it out. Let it drift through your body like a gentle stream. You release all things that do not serve your highest and best good. You are relaxed. You are at peace inside your heart. You know you are good. You have a beautiful, beautiful heart. You have incredible dreams for your life that you want to share with others. You can do it and you will do it. You are a millionaire. You have found your ideal love. You are loved and respected by your friends and family. You are pursuing and accomplishing your greatest dreams. You are the master of your reality. You are the master of your reality.

Just take a nice deep breath into your body and breathe out. Notice any changes. Do you notice any changes? Are you calmer? Is it quieter? Is your body more relaxed or at ease? Are any pains gone?

What kinds of affirmations can you create for yourself? Can you make the dedication to speak 5 affirmations to yourself every time you see a mirror? Give it a try for a week and see what happens.


The third is Reiki.

It’s a gentle energy healing technique based in Buddhist breathing practices. One of Reiki’s most important, but neglected functions, is self care and self healing. Reiki was first discovered by a Japanese Tendai Buddhist who wanted to heal himself and his own community.

I worked with Reiki for a year before using it on others and it turned my life around. Without Reiki training or a Reiki Attunement, doing Reiki for yourself isn’t feasible. Of course you can always learn Reiki from a teacher (email me for information on my Reiki class). However, if you don’t know if Reiki is something you want to learn for yourself just yet, free healings are very readily accessible. Even on my podcast, you can get free reiki healings. There are videos on youtube and healers who take donations who can customize sessions for you.

When working with a healer, you want to be careful. A lot of newly awakened people don’t understand energy laws and dynamics. Not all people claiming to do Reiki, are doing Reiki. Not all people trained in Reiki are doing Reiki. It is an unregulated industry, where desperate healers trying to support their families might have taken short cuts in their training or their own maintenance of their practice.

Reiki is a discipline. It takes discipline to maintain a healthy flow to work with clients. Some practitioners have life struggles that they might bring into a session and project onto you if their minds or focus wander. Some healers might have judgements or preconceived notions of your character based on interactions or goals you have. Although Reiki harms none, if your practitioner isn’t focused or hasn’t been trained in Reiki fundamentals, it can really leave you at risk for adverse reactions to the session.

When a Reiki healer (or any healer, even a massage therapist) accidentally gives you their energy or takes your energy, this is called transference. When transference happens, the party receiving energy will feel a bit high or buzzy or anxious after the session. They might start experiencing strange behavior– outbursts, random triggers, physical ailments– that are not regularly experienced. A client might feel exhausted or groggy– its one thing to feel tired after a session and its another to feel lethargic or drained.

A Reiki session should help you release trapped emotions (aka emotional release), it can put you into a deep sleep, give you visions, or even make you hyper sensitive to sensations in your body. After a session the client should feel lighter, more relaxed, alert/ awake, unburdened, more reflective or “ready for a nap”. During the week following your Reiki session, you should have increased awareness of emotions coming up, healthy ways of expressing those emotions, deeper and more restful sleep, less anxiety, less stress, less reactivity to triggers, revelations to patterns and struggles, and noticing behavior changes.

Learning to use Reiki for yourself can be a powerful step in counteracting triggers and reactivity in the moment. Reiki helped me with emotional regulation and self awareness of my body and what “healthy” felt like vs when I was carrying “unhealthy” baggage. By learning Reiki, I saved myself a lot of money and excuses for why I wasn’t able to get the healing I deserved. The healing was in my hands, literally and I have been responsible for my own healing ever since.


The fourth is Crystals.

You may think rocks don’t have much impact, but considering we use these same minerals to create pharmaceuticals and scientific chemical reactions, we should revere these small stones with more respect. Although I believe each crystal has a vibration and each vibration helps to rebalance “disharmony” in our body, some people might not accept that. However, each stone is comprised of a concoction of minerals and metals. Our skin absorbs these elements when we hold a crystal and our body can use those vitamins, minerals and metals to balance areas that are imbalanced. I believe that when we listen to our body and what we feel drawn to, we can help it receive what it needs.

Crystals have had a big part in my own healing as well as my individual sessions with clients. When working with crystals, I learned to feel different energies and how to use crystals as tools for certain areas of my body. Crystals helped me learn to work with the Earth and to recognize resources readily available to me in nature. There are many ways to use crystals, but its best to build a relationship with your crystals first. Crystals are living things and by respecting that life, you will get the best results.

I recommend that you hold a crystal with your intention for the moment and ask that the crystal share its energy with you. Sit there with the crystal for 10 to 30 minutes. You can do this while working at your computer, or carry the crystal on you for the day. You can place it under your pillow or sit with it in a meditation. The goal is to set your intention before working with it and ask for its help.

Some good starter Crystals to get would be:

Amethyst: Psychic protection, trusting intuition, increasing awareness, focus, visions, good dreams

Lepidolite: Anti Anxiety, emotional regulation, calm, inner peace, improving meditation and sleep quality, reducing nervous habits

Citrine: Determination, Energy Boost, Concentration, Focus, Manifestation, Activation, Invoking a sense of purpose or direction

Obsidian: Grounding, clearing imbalances from the body, protection from people’s energy, words and thoughts, release, stillness

When choosing a crystal, I recommend going to a crystal store near you and hand picking it. If you can't find a metaphysical store nearby, you can buy stones online, just do some research on the stone's prices and how to recognize a real stone so you don't get swindled. If you are able to go into nature and find them organically, that is much much better than purchasing them, but it is much more of an involved process.


And the fifth is Lightcode Activations.

Llight codes and light languages are a newer modality that has surfaced in the last five to ten-ish years and are becoming more commonplace in the metaphysical community. There are different ways people share these codes. There is light code art, light code dancing, light code writing, spoken light codes, light code songs, light code gestures…. etc.

When this modality was first introduced to me, someone had told me what they did and how it worked. I thought it was really, really weird. I was really turned off by it and to be honest, I was a bit scared of the idea of someone speaking unknown languages. I avoided looking into it until a woman gave me my first light code healing. In the session, she sang to me and I felt like I was soaring through space. Her voice reminded me of the cosmos and it sounded so much like that singer from the movie Fifth Element (which she had never seen). It was ethereal and beautiful and brought me to tears. I wanted to learn what she had done and she told me before leaving my house, that I was gifted with an activation and they would be teaching me soon. I thought she was crazy, but sure enough in the following weeks, I found myself singing in tones and different voices and I could feel ancient energy and different guides sharing their intentions and healing with me. As I used it on myself, my life started improving. Bad habits fell away easily and I found myself in the right place at the right time. My business suddenly started blossoming out of no where. Learning Light Codes I realized I was never really alone on this journey of life. That help and support was always there, even if the people in my real life weren't. The guides taught me how to make my dreams real, real fast. I felt so honored to be able to experience something so out of this world. If I hadn’t had my partner to witness the transformation to confirm this process and interaction, I would have thought I lost my mind thinking I had imagined it.

Something I learned while working with the guides is that they can be a little bit unpredictable, because you have to allow the messages to come through you unfiltered with no judgement. The only way to do that is to feel them with the heart. There are tones that are relaxing, and there are tones that shake you up and feel grating. You will feel them removing blocks out of your body. Just be aware when exploring this modality that the sounds, words and gestures used in light codes are not meant to be understood mentally, but more internally and emotionally. What you want to focus on is the vibration and emotions in your body. There will be certain vibration certain sounds that are going to create sensations in your body and it is removing blocks or it is making certain areas raise in vibration. Be aware of the sensations happening in your body and how the transmission is making you feel.

You can listen to my light language songs on my podcast or youtube if you are interested in exploring how I use Light Language, but you can just as easily find other healings on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, or even Facebook groups. Explore the different forms of it and see if this modality feels helpful for you. It can activate you and you can start to feel impulses to try new expressions of light codes yourself. Trust your own body and what you feel. Listen deeply to determine if something is right for you.

In the podcast episode that inspired this blog, a spirit guide shared a message during the light code activation. That message was: "You are in the right space at the right time. You are here for a purpose. There is so much to learn. There is so much fun to be had. That you are just at the beginning. There is so much more. There is so much more. You are such a bright star. Come play with us. We are waiting for you to connect. We are waiting for you to call on us. So if you want to believe in guides in spirits of positive light, just know that you have a team there beside you. They are here to support you in your Ascension– in your awakening. And they can help. They can't help until you ask though. It is one of the spiritual laws– you must ask to receive. Everything in life must be asked for, to be received. That includes pain and suffering as well. There are certain lessons that can come from that. We'll go into that in another session. We are here at your beck and call when you are ready. If you ever feel unsafe. If you need help, just ask, say, 'Hey, I know you guides are out there. Help me. Send me a sign'. And we will. We are there for you."

Thank you for being open and receptive to these five new or maybe not so new, ways of connecting with spirit with your path, your journey. And remember, if something doesn't work for you, don't worry about it. Leave it behind. It's not meant for you. It's probably meant for someone else. But just be open. Know that it's out there. Maybe it's not ready right now, but it will be in the future. Keep an open mind and an open heart. And I thank you for holding that space. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.


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