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30 minute Patreon


Our membership offers monthly 30 minute sessions at a deep discount. This service comes with added perks of free merchandise, Q&A, and a Discord Community- all to make your experience with us a memorable one.  Limited number available. Get them while they last.

60 minute


Welcome to Rainbow Raaja - the ultimate destination for relaxation and healing! Our monthly 60 minute custom healing sessions allow you to choose either in person or virtual sessions - with added benefits of a Discord Community, free merchandise, Live Q & A and more! Plus, you'll save over $40 per month compared to similar services - so take a break and join us today!

60 minute Patreon



Every three months you will receive a Healing Card (trim to a Tarot size).  Each one is limited edition/ collectible.

Buy 3 get 1 FREE

Purchase our commitment free package of 4 sessions.  Save up to $200 and get 4 sessions to use anytime with no expiration.

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Ascend Together

Get a 60 minute virtual or in person session customized for you and where you are in life.


Grow with a community! Join the discord community, get hand drawn activation cards mailed to you,  access to an archive of sound healing recordings and live discussions and much more!

Sliding Scale

Insurance referrals, senior citizens, disabled, first responders, DV / Single mothers or low income individuals all qualify for sliding scale.  I offer this 75% discount for 4 sessions with proof of situation (i.e. doctor referral, ID, SSI statement or bank statement). 

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