Emily Christensen - Intuitive Integrative Bodywork Therapist

"Massage has been my passion ever since I was 4 years old.  I am dedicated and nurturing in my work.  My dream is to help as many people as I can regardless of their personal situation, medical conditions, financial status, or life experiences.  Whether you are looking to reduce stress or want a plan to treat specific issues, every session will be a healing journey, bringing you closer to the 'YOU' you always aspire to be. "

Meet Emily


  • CAMTC Certified : #50872

  • ABMP Insured Member

  • Over 7 years experience in Massage and Holistic Healing

  • Graduated from Hands on Healing Institute 

  • Certified and trained in all services offered

  • I accept SpaFinder, SpaWeek, Cash, Debit, and Credit.

  • Certified Teacher of Reiki and Shamanic Healing

  • Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church


By appointment only​

Montrose, CA
Right down the street from Honolulu shopping, is my Main office.  All services available at this location.
Santa Clarita, CA
A quaint and quiet office inside a new Wellness Center on Ruether Ave.  As a budding new Center focused on Wellness and Spiritual inclusiveness, there are events and classes regularly to check out.
Mobile & Remote
Serving LA County for Mobile
The whole world for Remote Distance sessions and classes


  • Respectful of all belief systems and their importance to sense of self and wholeness

  • I engage with my clients during the session to check in on pressure and potential discomfort.

  • I do not judge - choices make us free, emotions make us human

  • Let me know what you don't like - it helps me grow

  • I strictly abide by all HIPPA laws, your information will be confidential and protected.

I Care

  • Your health and safety are my primary concern.  Please always let me know if you are uncomfortable or in pain during a session.

  • If you are financially struggling, we can discuss a trade or find a price that's within your budget.

  • If you do not like my services or I can't help you - I will give you a referral to a therapist or professional who can tend to your specific needs - I know many specialty therapists.


Why Choose Me?



Massage increases blood circulation, lymphatic flow, decreases stress, improves sleep quality, and increases physical flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.

Energy Work

Energy Work (Reiki, Polarity Therapy & Energy Therapy) improves mental and emotional wellness, enhances body function, relaxes and re-energizes, promotes optimism and focuses on overcoming life challenges.

Crystals & Gemstones

Crystal & Gemstone Therapy helps absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body.  When a body is unwell, dis-eased, or unbalanced crystalline energy gives the body an energetic pattern to follow to find its natural rhythm again.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is an ancient practice that bridges the gap of physical and ethereal worlds, allowing healing, power and information to traverse spacetime and enter our life to evoke clarity within and around us.  

Tarot, Oracle & Runes

Divination methods used to bring about clarity through self awareness and problem solving.  Some believe the messages are guidance from the divine. 


A variety of services all inclusive at simple rates.



60 minutes



90 minutes

120 minutes


Signature Service

Rainbow Raaja

An integrative therapy customized exclusively for your needs.

Can include multiple services and techniques at no extra cost!

3460 Ocean View Blvd Suite B Room 1. Glendale, CA 91042

26883 Ruether Ave Room 1

Canyon Country, CA 91351

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  All of the services I provide are intended to be beneficial for people from all walks of life.  Whether you are a body builder, a single mom or a matured adult who has entered retirement, making sure your body functions optimally is very important.

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I am an 82 year old woman with severe mobility problems with my neck.  After your first treatment as a House Call, I was able to do away with my second large stuffed pillow and just sleep on one pillow, the first time in many, many years to be able to do that.  Also was able to take a good walk and felt very upright and straight, HURRAY!!!  Also have been without pain from any of the massage areas!!!  Look forward to our future sessions with the hope that I will regain mobility in my neck.  I was so pleased how she helped me to be perfectly comfortable for over an hour in the massage chair.  I didn't think I would be able to do that, I was amazed!!!  Emily, thank you for your professionalism and your great compassion.  You are an amazing combination of professional medical grade massage skills and very tuned in New Age abilities.

- Marcia Z.

Santa Clarita,CA

I was welcomed by Emily, and we discussed the type of massage I was looking for. Her gentle professionalism was immediately soothing.  I'd wrenched my neck, and was naturally interested in work to help heal the injury. During the session, as she was working on the area, I could feel the bulk of the knots dissipating. She knew exactly where the work was needed. She had excellent instincts and a healing energy I will definitely return to.

- Alisa G.

Valencia, CA

I had the BEST massage!  I really REALLY enjoyed it.  Emily not only gave a fantastic massage, but she did Reiki and Polarity incorporated into the massage.  She had very good energy and played very chilled music.  I have had countless massages where I left in pain, but she gave a very relaxing massage.  I give her five stars.

- Lisa R.

Santa Clarita, CA

Emily listens to my needs and works to solve my issues.  I enjoy my massages very much.  I always look forward to them!

- Kara Petersen,

"Hunger Games" Stunt Artist

Valencia, CA

Emily is a wonderful massage therapist and energy healer! My treatment was nothing short of transformative.

- Maya L.

Valencia, CA

My boyfriend and I have Emily come to our house for some massage appointments. She definitely went above and beyond in her care for us. My boyfriend said it was the best deep tissue massage he'd had in over a decade! Emily assessed both our needs and was able to incorporate some Reiki into our sessions, which I found particularly helpful. Her advice to me to find another masseuse which could specialize in an area that best suits my needs was also very helpful.  I highly recommend Emily, she's a wonderful care giver and passionate about her work!

- Maria S.

Hacienda Heights, CA


Want more information? 

Emily Christensen | healing@rainbowraaja.love | 3460 Ocean View Blvd Suite B Room 1.  Glendale, CA 91208| 

26883 Ruether Ave Room 1, Santa Clarita, CA 91351 | 747-242-3330 | Los Angeles & surrounding areas | Distance sessions available

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