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Shamanic Healing

Massage increases blood circulation, lymphatic flow, decreases stress, improves sleep quality and increases physical flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.  Gentle muscle manipulation can revitalize the body and mind.

Shamanic Healing is an ancient practice encouraging self healing, empowerment and reconnecting to the wonder of the self.  Music, art, divination and communing with nature give you the means to accomplish personal goals.

Healing Arts

Using Arts in a way that allows the client to explore their inner landscape.  Sound & Vibration Therapy, Art Therapy, Performance Art and Crafting can bring a new approach and focus to transforming our psychological and emotional relation to problems.

Crystal Healing, Metaphysical, Buy Crystals, Bonney Lake

Light Work

Light Work (Reiki, Light Codes, Crystal & Energy Therapy) improves mental and emotional wellness, enhances body function, relaxes and redirects energy using natural currents and minerals to return the body to a state of homeostasis.

Life Coach Bonney Lake, Transformational Coach, Bonney Lake, Washington



Step by step guidance to enhance your way of life and reach for the greatness we both know you have inside.  Focusing on daily practices and inner discovery, I give you the tools to succeed.

Meet Emily

Certifed, licensed, massage, shaman, experienced, reiki master, life coach
Certified, Award Winning, Healer, Alternative Health Professional



Tacoma, Seattle, Redmond, Federal Way, Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Nevada, Sedona, Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego, San Frascisco
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Virtual Sessions
(Zoom, Google Duo, Facebook & Instagram chat - Recording/mp3 optional)

Bonney Lake, WA
(Office By Appointment Only)
ADA, Mobile & Events

 Mobile services available for ADA, Movie Sets, Events and in-home sessions (Pay Deposit in advance and additional fees may apply).


  • Respectful and accepting of all belief systems and their importance to sense of self and wholeness

  • I engage with my clients during the session to check in on comfort, pressure and comprehension of guidance/ application.

  • I do not judge - choices make us free, emotions make us human

  • Let me know what you don't like - it helps me grow

  • I strictly abide by all HIPPA laws, your information will be confidential and protected.

Ordained Minister, healer, Mental Health, Bipolar, Coaching
Support, ADHD, Alcoholism, Rehabilitation, AA, NA, Narcotics, Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Trauma, PTSD, Coaching, One on One, Mentor
Coaching, Depression, Spirital Awakening, Spirituality, Spirit Coach, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Guidance


  • Your health and safety are my primary concern.

  • Please always let me know if you are uncomfortable or in pain during a session.

  • If you are financially struggling, we can discuss a trade or find a price that's within your budget with my sliding scale.

  • My services are guaranteed to help you work towards your goals or your money back.

  • If my methods are not for you - I will give you a referral to a therapist or professional who can tend to your specific needs - I know many specialty providers.


Why Choose Rainbow?

Podcast, Spiritual, buy crystals, buy shamanic, buy shaman, buy crystal grids, buy tarot, buy oracle


All-in-one premium service inclusive in the rate.  

An integrative therapy session customized exclusively for your needs every single session. Please note that each session can run up to 30 minutes over with intake and aftercare included in the session cost. You are guaranteed the below service time.

Dark night of the soul, Soul retrieval, Power retrieval, animal totems, dreamwork, holistic healing

30 minutes


Healer, Bodywork, Public Speaker, Bonney Lake, Holistic

60 minutes


meditation, sound bath, sound healing, mentoring, shamanic,


90 minutes

reiki healer, reiki master, energy healing,

120 minutes


light lauguage, light codes, activation, spiritual healing, spiritual guidance, spiritual ascension
healing, Washington, Shaman, Animal Totem, Animal healing, Reiki animal, Crystals

All of the services I provide are intended to benefit a spectrum of situations and people from all walks of life. Isn't it time you realized your health is wealth? This is the Rainbow after the storm.  
The Gold is YOU!  Invest in YOU!

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  

Best "Holistic Medicine Practitioner" of Glendale 2021 - RAINBOW RAAJA

Patreon Membership!


Monthly Virtual 60 Min Session:

(Regular Price- $150)

Get a monthly Rainbow Raaja session at a deep discount. All services available for mix and match.

Also Included:

  • QR Podcast Sticker

  • LIVE Q&A

  • Patron Only Podcast Content

  • Early Access to books & events


Every three months you will receive a Healing Card (trim to a Tarot size).  Each one is limited edition/ collectible.


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"My treatment was nothing short of transformative."


Maya L.   -   Valencia, CA

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