On-Site and Mobile

Luxury Bodywork

O N - S I T E ,    E V E N T    and     L O C A T I O N

Offering Luxury Bodywork Services for Film Productions, Corporate Offices, Events, Private parties and other functions.  I offer chair services as well as full table service with my entire service menu available for booking.  Please note if you need a specialized service i.e. Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, etc, please be sure to let me know when you make your reservation so I can pack accordingly.

Customize your wellness experience by mixing and matching any of the services below at no additional charge.  Please be sure to book in advance to secure the best appointment date and time.  A deposit will be charged to reserve your appointment and will go towards full service cost.  

DEPOSIT :   $50                                                                                                   RATES:   $250 / hour

M O B I L E  & ADA

Mobile services are offered to ADA customers to accommodate any transportation issues or any disability that is effecting the comfort of the client when working in a foreign environment or without necessary equipment for them to feel safe and secure.  I strive to provide a safe and loving space for all who wish to work with me.  Mobile sessions must be paid in advance.  Rates are $200 per hour. (Senior, Veteran, Public Service and ADA discounts available with verification)


RATES:   $200 / hour







Massage increases blood and lymph circulation, decreases stress, reduces muscular tension and pain, improves quality of sleep and increases physical flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

Energy Work:

Reiki, Ka Shen Sekhem, Energy Therapy and Crystal Therapy improve mental and emotional wellness, enhances body function, relaxes and re-energizes, promotes optimism and focuses on overcoming life challenges.

Shamanic Healing:

An ancient holistic practice using techniques such as divination, dreamwork, sound and vibrational healing, aromatherapy, power retrieval, extraction and psychopomp to explore universal and personal truths and face our inner struggle with clarity and confidence.

After filling out the form below, expect a call or email within 48 hours.

Emily Christensen

Glendale/ Montrose Office

3460 Ocean View Blvd Ste B Rm 1, Glendale, CA 91208

Emily Christensen | healing@rainbowraaja.loveRedmond, WA 98052 | 747-242-3330

Virtual sessions available

Home Office in Santa Clarita

Message me to schedule an appointment at my home office.

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