Unplug and Reconnect

Humans need connection. We look for it in books, in nature, in movies and plays. We search our surroundings for something, anything that shows us the synchronicity of our existence. We contemplate the meaning of our existence and worship omnipresent beings or hold on to some shred of fact with the latest scientific research that will be debunked within the decade. We all search for a soulmate, a twin flame, our true love. Then why do we spend so much time looking at a screen? Humans, in our never ending mission to evolve in the technological world, have lost our most fundamental function. Connection. Facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram elude us with phrases like, “you made a new connectio

Emily Christensen | healing@rainbowraaja.love3460 Ocean View Blvd Suite B Room 1.  Glendale, CA 91208| 

26883 Ruether Ave Room 1, Santa Clarita, CA 91351 | 747-242-3330 | Los Angeles, CA & Seattle, WA | Distance sessions available

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